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Notes of Cases, Precedents and Procedures
1920 - 1937
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Judiciary, Supreme Court, Secretary's Office, General Registry
Scope and Content
Two bound volumes measuring respectively 13" x 8" x 2.5" and 13" x 9" x 2.5" in which notes of legal cases, precedents and procedures are grouped under subject headings (e.g. "Trespass", "Marine Insurance", "Sedition", etc.) reference to the notes being facilitated by an alphabetically arranged index to subjects, with page-number reference, in the front of each volume. Most of the entries in both volumes are in the hand of John Roskruge Wood details of whose service in Hong Kong are given below. It is not known when he began the compilation but from a letter (loose in D & 11/21(1))dated 3, July, 1933 addressed to him by T.M. Hazelerigg for the Crown Solicitor forwarding definitions of the word "misdemeanour" in law, it is evident that the work was in progress by that time. As many of the earliest entries in D & S 1/21(1) relate to cases heard in 1920 and 1921 it is probable that he began the compilation on his appointment as First Police Magistrate in January 1920. Entries in Wood's hand referring to cases heard up to 1933 appear, from which it is evident that he continued to augment the work until his departure on retirement leave early in 1934. Thereafter, further entries in another handwriting (unidentified) were made until as late as 1937. Appointed first, 1 Oct., 1899 Appointed Registrar Land Court (NT) 28 Nov., 1900 and Appointed Member of the Land Court 2 Mar., 1904 Appointed Assistant Land Officer (NT) 1 Jan., 1905 Appointed Deputy Registrar and Appraiser, Supreme Court 18 Nov., 1908 Appointed Second Police Magistrate, 21 Mar., 1909 Appointed First Police Magistrate 1 Jan., 1920 Appointed Puisne Judge 23 Nov., 1925 Retired 1934
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With the approval of the Judiciary